Our Holistic Approach

After many years as hot food lovers and experimental gourmets, 4 family members Dave, Ann, Mark and Nadine finally caved to the urgings of friends, family, and business associates and formed D.A.M.N. Fine Foods (our initials get it…?) to share our unique food products with the world - well at least with Canada for now…

The result is our lineup of 5 flavours of hot fruit spreads bursting with flavour that let you taste the sweet, then comes the heat, and you'll like it so much you have to repeat! These are NOT your Grandmother's fruit jams so handle with caution!

Real Taste

Check out our mouthwatering recipe for sweet and spicy Cherry Bomb Brownies. Sweet and savoury all in one!

Watch us make something delicious

Our Mission

SWEET.HEAT.REPEAT™ - the perfect recipe for a great unique gift, party item, or self-indulgent treat.

With a passion for great taste, fresh ingredients, and a bit of an edge we have produced a line of preservative-free whole fruit spreads - the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit -(except for some sugar and pectin…) where we've taken the best fresh fruits and given them a kick-in-the-pants with a skillfully selected blend of hot peppers.